• Sent in this package are 5 mug designs for the chilhood classic TMNT.

    The designs are in PSD (photoshop) format so they can be resised.  Currently the images are 9.5cm x 21.5cm and will fit an 11oz mug.

    In the downloaded file within there are:

    5 PSD files, 5 JPEG files, 5 mockup files, and 1 font file


    Note:The Files are compressed using winzip so to extract them winzip or another file extraction software would be needed.

  • Included with this file is a font "Tartarugus Ninjas" to install: 

    1. Save and close out of Photoshop.
    2. Open folder with the font within.
    3. Double click on file.
    4. Top left there is and install and a quick install later and your done.

    Once installed the font should be installed on your system for you to enjoy within Photoshop and other Graphic Editing software